Monster Hunter World

We just unlocked the Kirin Set. I haven't seen much from anyone else on this set, so I decided to snag a quick screen of what it looks.

Unlocked the Kirin Set

Getting ready to gear? Here's a sneak peek at your early armor options.

early armor

You may be tempted to just dive into the next hunt right after you've finished the last one, but be sure to check around Astera and in each location you've been.

around Astera

After you've defeated a monster in an Arena Quest, you'll have a quick 20 seconds to examine their corpse for a monster-related item, before you're returned home.

monster in an Arena Quest

Note: For the images below, the hunter has an Airborne Level 1 decoration in the weapon and a Stun Resistance Level 1 Charm.

hunter has an Airborne Level 1

Arena Coins

This is material used to craft unique armor and weapons that can only be discovered through playing the arena. To craft this armor.

material used to craft unique armor

Awarded upon successfully defeating a monster in the arena. Though you may not be guaranteed an Arena Coin, slaying the monster as fast.

guaranteed an Arena Coin